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The World’s Fastest Man makes a Really Fast Car – Nissan GT-R

Usain Bolt Nissan GT-R


We’ve all heard of Usain Bolt, the Jamaican Olympian who holds a huge number of speed records and has won so many gold medals, awards, competitions, and accolades that even he’s probably lost count. Just his name inspires thoughts of speed, which is why he teamed up with Nissan to build a one-off GT-R for his charity, the Usain Bolt Foundation.

The new partnership comes after Bolt proclaimed his intentions on defending his medals during the 2016 Summer Olympics. Bolt also signed a deal to become the brand’s ambassador for the Nissan GT-R super car as well as becoming the honorary “Director of Excitement”. “Racing is my inspiration, and I want to help Nissan become an even more exciting brand for everyone,” said Bolt during a press conference at Nissan’s world headquarters.

Bolt will help develop a new, one-off variant of the super car called the “Bolt” GT-R, working alongside product specialists and engineers. The World-Class Sprinter raced around the automaker’s proving grounds in Oppama, Japan to record acceleration times, reaction speeds, and handling capabilities to help develop a new “Bolt” GT-R for his personal use. In addition to his personal one-off, Bolt and Nissan are also working on a special limited-edition GT-R for various markets around the world.

But the more important part of the deal was the special, one-off gold Nissan GT-R that the automaker donated to be auctioned off on eBay with the proceeds going to support the Usain Bolt Foundation. The foundation works to create educational and cultural opportunities for children and young adults in Bolt’s home country of Jamacia. The special gold-painted GT-R will feature Usain Bolt’s embossed signature and custom-tailored interior appointments in real gold.

The special gold-painted, one-off GT-R will be auctioned off towards the end of October with the official details being released at the end of the month. The special limited-edition Nissan GT-R being developed along with Usain Bolt will be offered in all markets that currently are offered the super car. Pricing and official details have not been announced.

Usain Bolt Nissan GT-R

[Source: Nissan]

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