Watch SNT Motorsports take on the 25 Hours of Thunderhill – Video

A first-hand look inside the endurance race.

The 25 Hours of Thunderhill is one of the longest endurance races in the world, pitting man and machine against one another for 25 hours straight. The limits of teams are pushed to the extreme as they battle to capture a podium finish.

At the 2011 25 Hours of Thunderhill, SNT Motorsports was able to keep pace with the fastest cars on the track, and qualified second in class and fourth overall. Led by owners Steve Tarpley and Dave Smith, and drivers Tomy Drissi, Kai Goddard, and Jared Thompson, the No.15 Ford GT battled hard against veteran Porsche and BMW teams, and was able to lead the pack for parts of the race.

Unfortunately, the SNT Motorsports No. 15 Ford GT suffered a mechanical failure and was forced to retire. The team is looking to participate in the 2012 25 Hours of Thunderhill and has set their sights on taking the checkered flag.

SNT Motorsports was able to put together an exciting behind-the-scenes video with a unique driver’s point of view of the race. So sit back and enjoy the race!

[Source: Jared Thompson, Kai Goddard]

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