The Gemballa GT Aero 2 is Bigger and Bolder

Gemballa GT Aero 2

Taking the next step in the GT Aero program.

Back in the first quarter of 2012, Gemballa introduced its new GT Aero 1 exterior upgrade kit for the new 958-generation Porsche Cayenne. Now that the German company is backed by stable leadership, they are developing and designing new products at a fast pace for customers, the newest of which is the Gemballa GT Aero 2.

The new GT Aero 2 kit builds upon the GT Aero 1 that was unveiled earlier in 2012. The new package is part of a step-by-step program for customer to enhance their Porsche Cayenne model, and can be added onto models already equipped with the upgraded GT Aero 1 kit.

Gemballa GT Aero 2

All of the components in the Gemballa GT Aero 2 kit are made from quality lightweight carbon fiber that can be installed on the factory mounting points made possible through the use of digital measuring and design to make repairs and removal easy.

The GT Aero 2 kit adds on a set of extended wheel arches to give the Cayenne a bolder and more aggressive stance, and is connected by a pair of side skirts that help to calm the airflow around the wheels. Gemballa also offers different 22-inch forged wheels that weigh in as much as the stock 20-inch wheels and help transform the overall look of the SUV. The German tuner also offers a cast version of the 22-inch wheels for customers.

The new Gemballa GT Aero Kit 2 is currently available as an add-on to the GT Aero Kit 1 upgrade kit and can be combined with the tuner’s range of cast or forged wheels.

Gemballa GT Aero 2

Gemballa GT Aero 2 Kit Specifications

-Carbon fiber extended wheel arches
-Carbon fiber side skirts
-Forged 22-inch wheels
-Optional cast 22-inch wheels

[Source: Gemballa]

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