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CarThrottle Mixes it up with the Wrong Direction – “In My Mazda MX-5” Parody

The automotive enthusiast’s boy band.

If you have children or are in tune with pop music nowadays, then you’ve probably heard of the band One Direction. They’re an English-Irish band and have sold over 14 million singles and 8 million albums around the world, and were even signed by Pepsi for ads that saw them battle New Orleans Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees.

One of the group’s singles, What Makes You Beautiful has been incredibly successful, surpassing 329 million views on YouTube. Thankfully the automotive jokesters over at CarThrottle have made themselves a little parody of the hit music video from One Direction. The parody version is titled “In My Mazda MX-5” and stars the CarThrottle team as the band “Wrong Direction” and the Mazda MX-5.

It’s a fun little parody that’s pretty spot-on with the details. Here are the lyrics so that you can sing along too:

I’m eating corn,
Let out a yawn,
I’ve had an epic night watching po-o-orn

Hey gather round,
Come check this out,
This MX-5 is so low to the gr-o-o-ound

Wind in my hair, it feels so erotic
Rear wheel drive, makes me feel alright


My MX-5, Japanese and very quick,
I’m with my boys, splashing round and lookin’ slick,
If you don’t like, then please, come and suck my
I feel hi-i-i-gh
In my Mazda MX-F-i-i-ive
In my Mazda MX-5

It’s got a roof,
We are so youff,
I’m gettin’ girls, best believe, it’s the tru-u-uth

I roll it down,
Chinos in brown
The car’s in black, best 2-seats in the t-o-o-own

18-inch wheels make my testes tingle,
Run in the sea, better cool ‘em down,

Chorus (as above)

My 1.8
It is so bait,
This MX-5, tell my band, won’t be l-a-a-te

Cost 18 thou,
I drop my trou,
And for that many p’s, I say woww.

Wind in my hair, it feels so erotic
Rear wheel drive, makes me feel alright


Here’s the One Direction video for reference as well:

[Source: CarThrottle]

What did you think of the Wrong Direction “In My Mazda MX-5” parody of One Direction? Leave a comment and let us know!


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