Land Rover One-Ups Everbody for Geneva…

Land Rover 9-speed Auto

…but that’s only in terms of a new transmission announcement. Land Rover, always one to be a leader, will introduce a (ZF-built) 9-speed Automatic transmission at next week’s Geneva International Auto Show. While such a feat seems like a show of bravado, Land Rover claims that this will help bring down emissions and bring up fuel mileage. Acceleration and shifting will be smoother as well according to LR Press Releases. The firm has been rather tight-lipped about which models will benefit from this new gearbox but press photos show an Evoque with the words “9-Speed Auto” emblazoned down the side so that’s one model that seems to be a given.

ZF 9HP Transmission

This may be quite a boon for Land Rover, as they have had issues with fuel economy in their vehicles. The Range Rover has been touted as a lighter vehicle because of its aluminum construction. This new gearbox would help bolster that feat because it is 16.5 pounds lighter than the current 6-speed automatic. The company is making a good choice in terms of keeping the technology buyer friendly and TATA may be on to something. We may see a cat with nine gears and four wheel grip soon (hint, hint) we will keep our eyes open.

Land Rover ZF nine-speed

[Source: Land Rover]

What Land Rover/Range Rover models would you like to see the new nine-speed automatic in? Leave a comment and let us know!

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