Friday FAIL: Instant Road Rage Karma

That’s what you get.

Oh dashcams, what would we do without thee? You always have your eyes open and are aware of every little thing that goes on around us. You always remember the small things…and the big ones too. And for that, we’re very thankful.

This week’s Friday FAIL is short and sweet. It’s so gratifyingly good because we’ve all been in this situation as drivers; you know, where some guy decides he’s just going to cut you off and then have the audacity to yell at you for even thinking he’s in the wrong. Well, this guy had something coming to him for that and it did in a big way.

One driver decided to cut off a few folks and get mad at them for his actions, likely angering the people he just cut off even more. But as he’s waving his fist, he gets hit by a streetcar. Instant Karma. That’s what you get for being a jerk on the road.

Maybe next time he’ll think twice.

Source: LiveLeak

Did the driver get what he deserved?


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