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When Your COP is a Car Guy, You Get Off without a Ticket


Police officers like cars too.

That feeling of being pulled over is never a good one. Usually a ticket is in order, and you’ll have to donate a lot of dough to the court system. Sometimes it helps when the police officer that pulled you over is a bit of a car enthusiast as well and likes what you’re driving.

Take this traffic stop, for example. On Thanksgiving Day, an officer pulled over two brothers driving a Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG packing a 500 horsepower supercharged V-8 beneath its hood. After noticing that it’s not your average Mercedes-Benz, they talk about the AMG upgrades and the officer asks the driver to rev it while it’s in park.

When the six-figure price of the SUV is revealed the officer asks where the driver works, which he is told is at an oil and gasoline company. The next line is priceless, with the officer responding, “Man are you hiring? Because these guys don’t pay for s**t.”

Maybe it was the serotonin from the turkey on Thanksgiving Day or maybe he’s just a real car enthusiast.

Source: Jh2k14 YouTube Channel, Mirror News

Is this the coolest police officer ever?


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