More Friday FAIL: More Idiots Stuck in Concrete

What is wrong with people?

Last week, we had a laugh at an idiot in China that decided to take a shortcut through wet cement with their Mercedes-Benz E-Class after ignoring warnings from construction workers. Now, we have the owner of a brand new Jaguar F-Type stuck in concrete after they were just too impatient to wait in traffic with everybody else.

In a photo posted by Pursuitist Luxury (@Pursuitist) on Twitter, the new drop top sports car was stuck in the cement of a construction site as all the workers stood, watching.

Why do drivers insist on ignoring warnings and think they can do whatever they want? In the end, their stupidity and arrogance always ends up making us laugh.

Source: Pursuitist Luxury Twitter

What would you do if you saw this Jaguar F-Type driver get stuck in wet concrete?


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