Friday FAIL: The Drift Dummy

BMW Drift Idiot

And the Darwin award goes to…

Out of all of the recent Friday FAILs we’ve brought you the past few months, this one easily takes the cake as being one of the biggest head scratchers. This one idiot puts himself right in the middle of a dangerous situation for absolutely no reason other than feeling the need to clap and cheer on his friends.

In Poland, a couple of guys were drifting their BMW around a track and having themselves a time as their friends watched. One of the friends who were watching decided to step out onto the track and clap as if he was watching his son at a little league baseball game.


Well, the drifters ended up going wider than their first run around the loop and hit the man while sliding sideways, putting him onto the rear of the BMW and then flipping him into the air.

This guy may be a total idiot, but we hope that he’s okay after his mistake. On a side note, the passenger’s face as the idiot gets hit is priceless.

Source: Mieczyslaw M YouTube Channel

On a scale of 1-10, how big of an idiot is this guy who was hit?


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