New Delhi – Come for the History, Stay for the Crashed Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Lamborhgini Gallardo Spyder Valet Crash

This hotel valet is in a lot of trouble…

If we were working as a valet at a luxury hotel and crashed a customer’s high-end vehicle, we’d just drop off the keys, turn in our badge, and beg for mercy from our boss, the guest, and whatever insurance company had a policy on the vehicle.

But that’s probably not what happened to this valet who crashed a guest’s Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder at Le Meridien hotel in New Delhi, India.

Lamborhgini Gallardo Spyder Valet Crash

Not much is available in terms of details, but the valet crashed the Gallardo Spyder right into a concrete wall, completely smashing the front fascia and doing quite a bit of damage beneath the sheetmetal. We’re guessing that the hotel’s insurance will pick up the tab with this and the valet will likely be searching the classifieds for a new job.

The Gallardo is no more and has been replaced by the Huracan, so buying a brand new one is likely out of the question for the owner as well. Thanks to the guys at BigBoyToyz, we have all sorts of pictures of the aftermath as well.

Always be careful before you have someone else drive your car, kids!

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Valet Crash Gallery

Source: BigBoyToyz Facebook

What would you do if a hotel valet crashed your car like this?


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