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Morgan 3 Wheelers Don’t Need to Pay for Parking

Low Morgan 3 Wheeler

Sitting so low, they just go.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is one of – if not the – coolest cars on the road today. It has an 82 bhp V-twin motorcycle engine that propels it to 62 mph in 6.0 seconds and a top speed of 115 mph. Its three wheels and classic styling make it an instant hit. But there’s one other trick it has up its sleeve and it will save you a few bucks too.

Shmee150 took the Morgan 3 Wheeler wrapped by Dub Customs to the Post Wash in London to see if it could get under the parking barrier without having to pay.

Thanks to the extremely low height of the car, the Morgan 3 Wheeler was able to sneak beneath without having to fork over a few bucks for a parking spot. So, next time you have your Morgan 3 Wheeler out and are short a few dollars in the parking garage, just sneak under!


Source: Shmee150

Is this the coolest benefit of owning a Morgan 3 Wheeler?


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