The McLaren 650S Sprint Goes for the Checkered Flag

McLaren 650S Sprint

Stripped out, track-focused racer.

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is always one of the biggest and most spectacular automotive shows every year. The 2014 show promises to be just as exciting and many automakers are unveiling their latest and greatest, McLaren being one of them with their new P1 GTR Design Concept. While that may steal the show, the British automaker will also be bringing their track-only, stripped out 650S Sprint designed for maximum performance on the track.

The new McLaren 650S Sprint is based on the road-going 650S Coupe variant and shares a good portion of its parts and design from the newly-announced 650S GT3 racer. All of the unnecessary aspects of the road-going model have been stripped out to save weight and make room for the performance-oriented parts that matter, without sacrificing comfort.

McLaren 650S Sprint

The track-focused McLaren 650S Sprint has all sorts of advanced technology such as the Brake Steer system, retuned active aerodynamics, and a racing version of the ProActive Chassis Control to ensure that it is more engaging and can knife through turns. The lower ride height comes with a recalibrated adaptive damping setup with new spring rates. The entire 650S Sprint can be raised up instantly thanks to new onboard air jacks for quick changes of its 19-inch center-locking racing wheels with Pirelli slick or wet tires. An all-new race-prepped braking system was developed specifically for the 650S Sprint and offers better performance than the factory setup.

The new active aerodynamics on the McLaren 650S Sprint work in conjunction with a few new pieces of body work to create more downforce and improve cooling. New air intakes help redirect air into the twin-turbocharged, 3.8-liter V-8 M838T engine. The engine and transmission were both recalibrated for on-track duty by McLaren for even better performance. A new GT3-style front radiator and GT3-inspired hood integrating radiator exit ducts help to dissipate heat. Both of the front fender louvres redirect air over and around the body of the supercar. As an option, McLaren will install a new CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) aerodynamic package with carbon fiber rear wing spoiler, front splitter, and polycarbonate windscreen.

McLaren 650S Sprint

Safety and weight savings without sacrificing comfort was the name of the game inside the McLaren 650S Sprint. The carbon fiber MonoCell is combined with an FIA-approved roll cage. Drivers sit in a lightweight carbon fiber HANS-approved racing seat with six-point harness. A fire extinguisher system provides an extra level of safety while the air conditioning system gives drivers a more comfortable atmosphere on hot track days. As part of the optional aerodynamic package, McLaren will also install a passenger seat with six-point harness to share your track experience with a friend.

The McLaren 650S Sprint will make its debut at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in an inverted color scheme of the 650S GT3 racer that was shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car will wear primary white color with Tarocco Orange highlights and lettering along with other black and white detailing. Each 650S Sprint will be priced at £198,000 and be available from all McLaren dealers worldwide or directly from McLaren GT.

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Source: McLaren

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