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Sit back for Five Minutes of Rally Legend Awesomeness!

Rally Legends

All the classics going all-out.

Rally racing is one of the ultimate forms of motorsport. It puts drivers and machine to the ultimate test and there is very little margin for error. Some of these cars helped to transform the automotive landscape with their innovations and are regarded as some of the greatest machines to ever race.

At the 12th RallyLegend 2014 in the Republic of San Marino, classics from Audi, Lancia, BMW, and others raced, flew, spun, and slid through the course as fast as they could. Turbochargers spooled, tires screeched, and dirt was flung as these classics ran with the new rally stars from Porsche, Volkswagen, Peugeot, and Renault at night and during the day.

It’s a wonderful display of automotive power, performance, and skill.


Source: Marchettino

What was your favorite classic rally legend in the video?


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