Get Rockin’ with this BMW 540i Drift

BMW Drift Rock Face

Rock your face off!

Drifting and sliding around in your car is a lot of fun. It’s one reason why rear-wheel drive cars are so desirable. Breaking traction and spinning in circles or sliding sideways on pavement, snow, dirt, or gravel can be an incredibly satisfying, blood-pumping experience.

But it can also get a bit dangerous not just for the driver, but for the people filming as we clearly see in this video of a BMW 540i spinning on a dirt path.

BMW Drift Rock Face

While spinning its rear wheels and kicking the tail out, the BMW catches a large rock and sends it right into the camera guy’s face. For a split second, you can see the rock as it sets its target on the camera guy’s face but by then it is too late. We’re guessing that the guy’s face didn’t feel too good after catching a flying rock.

Be careful next time you go to film a friend hooning around.

Source: RollOutThe Tide YouTube

Did anybody order a side of rock to the face with their drift?


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