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When Non-Car Guys buy Super Cars, They can be Annoying

Non Car Guy New Lamborghini

Crazy kids these days.

Some people buy cars as status symbols. Some people buy cars based on the knowledge and understanding that they have for said car. Some people buy them to add to a collection. When non-car enthusiasts buy super cars or rare cars purely for looks, status, price, etc., it can be a bit annoying to car enthusiasts.

Non Car Guy New Lamborghini

This kid, “WROETOSHAW” owns an incredibly popular YouTube channel with millions upon millions of views and 5+ million subscribers, because that’s what kids do these days. He earned enough money to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-2 50th Anniversario, and kudos to him on being able to achieve that, however he’s already making our skin crawl with what he did.

Right off the bat, it’s pretty apparent that he doesn’t understand or know the car, from the fact that it’s a special rear-wheel drive anniversary edition to the ‘Corsa’ button. His lack of care also makes us cringe when he proudly displays the fact that he already curbed the wheels. THOSE ARE SPECIAL WHEELS!

We’re all for doing your thing if you’ve earned the money, but just be a little bit more careful with these nice things!

Source: W2S YouTube

Does seeing this video make you cringe as a car enthusiast?


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