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This Dent Prank is Perfect for Super Car Owners!

Car Dent Prank

Watch everyone go into panic mode.

Imagine owning a rare super car. You’ve made it into the upper-echelon of car ownership and you’ve rewarded yourself with something that can turn heads and shred tires. You park it on the street one day only to come back and see a note from someone apologizing for the dent that they left on your car.

You instantly panic and look for the dent, becoming angrier and angrier at the thought of someone having the audacity to ruin your super car. Then, you’re told that it was all just a prank. You smile and all that anger and anxiety is gone.

Car Dent Prank

Well, that was exactly the idea for YouTube prank extraordinaire Dennis Roady Deeds and Roman Atwood, who went around and put sticky notes apologizing for dents on various super cars, then recorded their reactions.

It’s a harmless, hilarious prank where thankfully no body panels were damaged.

Source: Dennis Roady Deeds YouTube

Is this the perfect way to prank a super car driver?


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