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Friday FAIL: Parking a Porsche can be Hard

Friday FAIL: Porsche Cayenne Stuck in Garage

Just shove it in there, right?

There are some really awful drivers out there, but the sheer stupidity of this driver from Vancouver is utterly baffling.

If you have ever purchased, owned, or even rented or borrowed a vehicle, then you try and take care of it as best you can. You try to avoid any kind of damage inside and out because it’s an expensive piece of property.

This driver either doesn’t care about their car, has so much money that a Porsche Cayenne is just a ‘throwaway’ vehicle, or is an utter and complete idiot.

Friday FAIL: Porsche Cayenne Stuck in Garage

Seen here, the driver of the Porsche took too short of an angle while driving into their garage entrance, causing the entire side to scrape against the building and get stuck. Instead of stopping at the first sign of damage and backing out to straighten up, the driver kept trying to force their way in, causing even more damage.

What’s even worse is that the video starts after some very significant damage had already been sustained by the passenger-side front wheel, which contributed to the lack of grip and power in the attempt to squeeze in.

The sad part of this is that people like this actually own and drive cars on our roads every single day. Let that sink in for a bit.


The driver of the Porsche was a 16-year-old who is facing multiple charges for an earlier incident that includes hit-and-run and driving without a license. The teen driver is also responsible for all of the damages made to the Porsche according to Vancouver Police.

Source: Ron Edgar YouTube

How bad was this driver attempting to squeeze into this garage with their Porsche?


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