Watch this Gold-Wrapped BMW i8 get Hit with a Bat

BMW i8 Hit with Bat

Whether it’s staged or not, it’s still a super car getting hit with a bat.

People get mad and do terrible, violent things. Road rage seems to bring out the worst in people, and this video may show just that.

BMW i8 Hit with Bat

Coby Persin owns a gold-wrapped BMW i8 and likes to show it off. While in New York City, he and a friend decided to stop in street and pose for some pictures. It’s not a smart idea to do this with normal NYC traffic, but they did it anyways and apparently pissed one driver off so bad that he decided to get out of his car and smash the i8’s windshield with a baseball bat.

Now, if this is real, then it’s a good thing that it was all caught on camera and nobody was hurt. The guy should be arrested and have to pay for his crime. Again, if it’s real.

But, if it’s not – which tends to be the case with things like this these days – then shame on you, SoFlo for trying to pass it off as a real incident for the sake of going viral.

Source: SoFlo YouTube

Do you think this BMW i8 getting hit with a bat is staged or not?


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