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2M-Designs Gives the Porsche Macan its Tiger Stripes

2M-Designs Porsche Macan

Except this doesn’t act as camouflage.

The Porsche Macan may take its name from the Javanese (Indonesian) word for ‘Tiger’, but it doesn’t exactly come with those iconic stripes like the feline predator from the factory line. 2M-Designs in Germany is changing that with their new full vehicle wrap for the Porsche SUV but these stripes don’t exactly act as camouflage in the asphalt jungle.

2M-Designs Porsche Macan

The compact luxury crossover SUV doesn’t do a whole lot of standing out from the crowd even though it has a clean, modern design from Porsche. The team at 2M-Designs wanted to change that by utilizing their full vehicle wrap arsenal.

The Porsche Macan was outfitted with a base Centurion Light Grey wrap with various black, grey, white, and red stripes running lengthwise across the hood, front bumper, and doors towards the rear. The German company also teamed up MTCHBX Designs at the rear where several layers of different foil wraps were applied over the Porsche logo between the taillights to create a unique, dark-tinted appearance.

2M-Designs Porsche Macan

The new wrap from front to back creates the impression of speed and motion while the Porsche Macan is standing still, waiting for its prey. 2M-Designs is also working on creating a full engine upgrade program to boost power that will be available at a later date.

The full Centurion Light Grey wrap is available for 2,799 Euros from 2M-Designs while the rear light design tacks on another 349 Euros. The other design elements are priced at 799 Euros.

2M-Designs Porsche Macan Gallery

Source: 2M-Designs

Do you like the new Centurion Light Grey wrap on the Porsche Macan by 2M-Designs?


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