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A 2,300-HP UGR Lamborghini Huracán set a new World Record

2,300-HP UGR Lamborghini Huracán

Twin-turbos FTW!

Underground Racing knows a thing or two about twin-turbocharging exotics, specifically Lamborghini models and Audi R8s. Their latest Verde Mantis Lamborghini Huracán build is packed with an astonishing 2,300 horsepower thanks to a twin-turbocharger kit and lots of tuning.

2,300-HP UGR Lamborghini Huracán

At the last WannaGOFAST Texas 1/2 Mile weekend event, the force-fed super car lined up on Saturday and threw down a new 234.13 mph ½-mile speed, setting a new WannaGOFAST Texas 1/2 Mile record. That was bested on Sunday with an eye-popping 238.6 mph speed, breaking the previous record by over a full 4.0 mph!

That’s just insane.

Source: 1320Video YouTube

How insane is this Underground Racing twin-turbo, 2,300-HP Lamborghini Huracán?


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