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Alpha-N Performance Creates a BMW M2 GTS

Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS

Track-focused performance in a bite-size package.

The M-models in the BMW lineup are among the most desirable thanks to their driver-oriented dedication to performance. The cream-of-the-crop M4 GTS took things to a new level with its track-focused engineering but was quickly sold out. So, Alpha-N Performance created a new GTS version for the bite-size BMW M2 that gives it the same track-spec DNA.

Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS

Part of what sets the BMW M4 GTS apart from the pack is its honed aerodynamic package. The Alpha-N Performance team mirrored that design and developed a full carbon fiber aerodynamic upgrade program with their in-house Edison Composites brand. Each piece is baked in an autoclave and possesses an OEM-quality fit and finish for a seamless upgrade.

The new Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS kit starts with an M4 GTS-style front hood in a choice of exposed carbon fiber, primed carbon fiber, or Kevlar. The front fascia also boasts a new spoiler in a GT4 design with brake ducts or GTS design with adjustable front splitter. Moving towards the rear is a large GTS-style rear wing spoiler to generate downforce along with a smooth underbody diffuser. On top of the Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS sits a carbon fiber roof panel with recessed design.

Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS

In terms of styling, new carbon fiber mirror caps complete the aftermarket look on the compact track weapon. Alpha-N Performance also went to the BMW Performance program for their black kidney bean grilles, side skirts, and 20-inch BMW M Competition alloy wheels as seen on the original M4 GTS model.

Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS

Part of what makes the BMW M4 GTS so appealing is its ability to carve up a track. Alpha-N Performance pumped up the stopping power and handling on their M2 GTS model starting with a new Ohlins Road & Track fully-adjustable coilover suspension that gives driver the ability to tailor their setup to a given track or road. Braking also has a lot more bite in the M2 GTS thanks to the carbon ceramic brake system right from the M4 GTS.

With the meat and potatoes of the track-tuned M2 GTS in place, Alpha-N Performance set their sights on their specialty – the engine. The 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline-six was given a full software tune that increases output to 450 horsepower. Alpha-N Performance is also developing an even more comprehensive upgrade program that will be available by the end of the year as well.

Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS

The new Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS is currently available for the BMW M2 as well as the M3 and M4. The new Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS will also be shown by Alpha-N partner, Carbonfiber Dynamics at the Essen Motor Show from November 26th to December 4th.

Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS Specifications

Displacement: 3.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: Inline-six
Aspiration: Turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 450
-Software tune

Wheels, Suspension, and Brakes:
Wheels: 20-inch BMW M Competition alloys
Suspension: Ohlins Road & Track adjustable coilovers
Brakes: BMW M4 GTS carbon ceramic brakes

-M4 GTS style hood
-GT4 or GTS style front spoiler
-Rear underbody diffuser
-GTS style rear wing spoiler
-Carbon fiber roof
-Carbon fiber mirror caps
-BMW M Performance side skirts
-BMW M Performance black kidney bean grille

Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS Gallery

Source: Alpha-N Performance

Is the new Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 GTS your choice for a pint-sized track weapon?


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