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Barracuda Racing Toyota GT86 Wheels – Featured Fitment

Barracuda Racing GT86 Wheels

A sport-oriented setup.

The Toyota GT86 marks a return to driver’s cars for the Japanese automaker. After building models like the Supra, Celica, AE86, MR2, and others the company shifted their focus on more appliance-like automobiles that gave them a bland and boring character. But the new GT86 and FR-S changed that and injected some sport into a company that was in dire need of it.

The Swiss-based team at Barracuda Racing Wheels loved the new Toyota model, but thought something was missing. They decided to upgrade the driver’s car with a new set of custom GT86 wheels instead of the standard 17-inch setup that left much to be desired.

The new Tzunamee Toyota GT86 wheels were installed with a five-spoke design and large polished lips in an 8 x 20 front and 9 x 20 rear setup. One of the biggest complaints with the Toyota is the standard tires, so Barracuda upgraded them with 255/30 R20 performance tires for better grip and improved performance. The new rims are featured in a black and polished finish, but are also available in high gloss black, real chrome, white polished, and gun metal.

The featured Tzunamee GT86 wheels are only available in 20-inch sizes in the Swiss market, but can be purchased in 19-inch sizes in Germany and Europe. Additionally, Barracuda Racing Wheels also offers “Gold Tiger” and “Pink Tiger” wheels in nine different dimensions from 7.5 x 17 to 10 x 22 inches with a range of bolt circles.

Pricing for the new Tzunamee GT86 wheels from Barracuda Racing Wheels has not been released. The new forged wheels will be available throughout Europe and can be custom-tailored to match the design of any Toyota GT86 model.

Barracuda Racing GT86 Wheels

Barracuda Racing GT86 Wheels Specifications

Vehicle: Toyota GT86
Wheel Type: Barracuda Racing Tzunamee wheels with five-spoke design
Finish: Matte black and polished
Front Wheels: 8.0 x 20
Rear Wheels: 9.0 x 20
Tires: 225/30R20 performance

[Source: Barracuda Racing Wheels]

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