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Watch an Underground Racing TT Gallardo set a ¼-Mile World Record – Video


The eight-second street car.

Underground Racing has built some incredibly fast cars using their twin-turbocharger kits to force air into each cylinder and create a massive amount of power. One of their latest projects is a twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo owned by Ray “Peak Completions” Hoffman, who told the aftermarket tuning company to “Do ANYTHING you want to it! As long as it drives like a street car and is the baddest Gallardo on the planet!”

Well, Hoffman probably didn’t expect this.

What Underground Racing built was a 1,750+ whp Lamborghini Gallardo that is street legal! The team installed some of their newest products including a billet race differential and “Quiet” Helix Billet 1st – 6th gear set and final drive gears. New 18-inch HRE forged wheels wear a set of Hoosier 355/30 R18 drag radials and claw away at the tarmac.

That awe-inspiring horsepower figure is impressive by itself, but its ¼-mile time is equally jaw-dropping. The twin-turbocharged Gallardo was able to fly through the ¼-mile in just 8.355 seconds at 181.48 mph, setting a new World Record.

[Source: TTGallardo2006 YouTube Channel]

Do you think the 1,750+ whp twin-turbo Gallardo can go any faster? Leave a comment and let us know!


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