Bernar Venet shows us his High-Speed Canvas – Video

Behind the mind of the Bugatti Veryon Art Car.

In case you missed it, Bugatti has another ultra-exclusive one-off model and this time around it’s designed by French Conceptual artist, Bernar Venet. Called the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet, the new super car is a high-speed work of art that made its debut at Art Basel Miami Beach this past week.

The new video from Bugatti goes behind the design and concept of the art car. It’s a fantastic work of art that utilized mathematical formula to showcase the engineering behind the super car, and showcase just how fast it is as the equation starts to peel away as speed grows towards the rear of the Grand Sport. The front of the car is copper, while the rear is a dark brown monochrome, with text transitioning the colors between the front and rear.

It’s handcrafted beauty at its finest.

[Source: Bugatti]

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