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D.C. Police take on the Autobots

Who knew the boys in blue joined the Decepticons?

The Transformers movies are known for intense action, superb CGI and, of course, Megan Fox (we’re disappointed too that she won’t be in Transformers 3). During the shooting of the latest Transformers film, the small yellow Autobot named Bumblebee was involved in a crash with D.C. Police while in car mode.

Even though the streets were closed for filming, a D.C. Police officer cut through the set while he was responding to a call. As the officer sped past, the yellow and black Camaro turned right into the oncoming Police Tahoe. Although the Tahoe looked as though it just shrugged off the hit, the officer was taken to a nearby hospital and no serious injuries were reported.

Bumblebee meanwhile, went into stasis lock and is undergoing repairs.


[Source:Autoblog, TMZ]

Who won the latest battle between the Autobots and Decepticons: Bumblebee in car mode or the D.C. Police Tahoe? Leave a comment and let us know!


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