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Friday FAIL: Car Show Season 2018 Has Officially Started with a Bang!

Friday FAIL Camaro Crashes Leaving Car Show

This time, it wasn’t a Mustang.

Hey guys, guess what! Car show season is here! How do we know? Well, we have our first crash while leaving a car show, that’s how! The kicker is that it wasn’t a Ford Mustang, however, it was an American muscle car that did the crashing.

Friday FAIL Camaro Crashes Leaving Car Show

While leaving a show in England, a Chevrolet Camaro driver decided to show off by speeding away despite the fact that there was considerable traffic and a crowd standing right on the side of the road. The driver maintains control as they accelerate away at a higher speed only to crash into a Kia Cee’d that was turning across the lane at an intersection.

Now, the Camaro driver clearly shouldn’t have been driving in the manner of which they were away from the car show. However, they were able to swerve at the last second and avoid a devastating head-on collision that could have been much worse. So, hats off to that – we think.

Source: Cars Of England YouTube via CarThrottle

Do you think the Chevrolet Camaro driver deserves all of the blame for this accident while leaving a car show?


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