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Featured Fitment: BMW M4 with Vorsteiner V-SF 001 Wheels

BMW M4 Vorsteiner V-SF 001 Wheels

Purple Power!

If you’re looking for a great driver’s car, then the F8X BMW M3 and M4 are your go-to choice for fun. The fifth-generation sports car just continues to set the bar high and out of the reach of other automakers. This Purple F82 BMW M4 outfitted with an array of Vorsteiner goodies is just another example of the car’s driving performance and excitement.

BMW M4 Vorsteiner V-SF 001 Wheels

This 425-horsepower BMW M4 is far from your average M-car. Not only does it wear a Satin Purple wrap, but it also boasts Vorstiner’s GTS-V and VRS carbon fiber aerodynamic bodywork. The front fascia sports a new GTS-V spoiler with splitter that gives it a more commanding look while cutting down on lift. Two new GTS-V blades run down each side of the M4 that redirect air away from the rear wheels.

BMW M4 Vorsteiner V-SF 001 Wheels

This Purple track eater also benefits from some hardcore aero at the rear. Here, a new Vorsteiner VRS GTS aero wing blade sits atop the trunk and generates downforce with its motorsport-inspired design. Below, there’s a new VRS GTS diffuser sitting neatly beneath the bumper and integrated the quad exhaust tips while sucking the car to the pavement.

BMW M4 Vorsteiner V-SF 001 Wheels

Working alongside the downforce-inducing carbon fiber aero is a new set of custom tailored Vorsteiner V-SF 001 wheels. These Sport Forged Wheels are made from a single piece of aerospace-grade T-6061 aluminum alloy and designed to keep weight to a minimum without sacrificing strength for high-performance applications such as the BMW M4.

BMW M4 Vorsteiner V-SF 001 Wheels

The new lightweight Vorsteiner V-SF 001 wheels were installed in a 20 x 9.5 ET22 front and 20 x 11.0 ET40 rear setup for a wider footprint where it matters. Each wheel also sports a stunning Polished Bronze finish that perfectly contrasts the smooth Satin Purple wrap, creating a stunning fitment.

BMW M4 Vorsteiner V-SF 001 Wheels

If you’re looking for a little more excitement in your life, then a little Purple and Bronze just might do the trick.

Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: F82 BMW M4
Wheels: Vorsteiner V-SF 001 sport forged
Wheel Finish: Polished Bronze
Front Wheels: 20 x 9.5 ET22
Rear Wheels: 20 x 11.0 ET40

-GTS-V front spoiler w/ splitter
-GTS-V side blades
-VRS GTS rear diffuser
-VRS GTS aero wing blade

BMW M4 with Vorsteiner V-SF 001 Wheels Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

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