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Desert Outlaw is Dusty Porsche Perfection

Dirty Porsche porn.

Magnus Walker is one of the more prominent Porsche enthusiasts and has created some very unique and special modified 911 models. The film ‘Urban Outlaw’ detailed his collection and life, making him one of the most interesting Porsche collectors in the world.

In the El Mirage lake bed, Tamir Moscovici was creating ‘KAZ’ about Kazunori Yamauchi, the founder of Gran Turismo. On set was Magus Walker and one of his Porsche 911s. So, logically, they had to make a quick film of him driving through the dusty, dry lake bed in the 911.

Source: Tamir Moscovici

Who wants to drive a vintage Porsche 911 in a dry lake bed after watching this video?


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