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A Kahn Design has a Maybach 57 S Up for Grabs

A Kahn Design Maybach 57 S 6.0

A German luxury-liner with the royal British touch.

As 2013 comes to an end, so does Maybach. The German automaker owned by Daimler AG ceased its sales and production came to an end after a disappointing history. It’s unfortunate that another automotive brand is headed towards the great big junkyard in the sky, but the team at A Kahn Design has a Maybach 57 S 6.0 up for sale for those looking to grab a piece of automotive history.

A Kahn Design is no stranger to the Maybach brand. In fact, a special Maybach was designed and commissioned by the British brand for the 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, and the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Williams’ wedding day.

A Kahn Design Maybach 57 S 6.0

Now, they’ve added their special touch to a 2007 Maybach 57 S 6.0 and it’s up for grabs.

The ceramic-grey, two-tone with onyx grey Maybach is loaded up with options, sporting radar-guided cruise-control, back-up camera, and every other checkbox on the ordering sheet. Beneath the hood sits a 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 Mercedes-Benz engine churning out a smooth 620 horsepower output, sending the luxury liner to 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds.

A Kahn Design added a few special features on the Maybach 57 S 6.0. A new set of 22-inch Kahn RS-XF alloy wheels in silver platinum with original Maybach center caps combine with the new Kahn lowering module to give the super sedan a low and powerful stance. For a unique touch, a ‘4HRH’ number plate is featured on the car, but not available for purchase. If customers would like a special number plate, they have the option to purchase them through the inventory that includes over 60 plates.

The 2007 Maybach 57 S 6.0 is currently available from A Kahn Design for £89,875.00 with 67,721 miles on the odometer.

A Kahn Design Maybach 57 S 6.0 Gallery

Source: A Kahn Design

Do you fancy yourself a Maybach 57 S 6.0 from A Kahn Design?


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