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DMC makes Jon Olsson a Camouflage Lamborghini Gallardo for Skiing


This bull can go anywhere.

Jon Olsson, the professional Alpine ski racer and free skier from Sweden, is known for trying new things that go against convention. His new camouflage Lamborghini Gallardo “Ski Transporter” is a vehicle that suits his personality. Like his complex Hexo Flips, DJ Flips, and Tornado moves, the camouflage Lamborghini is different, unorthodox, and one-of-a-kind.

Built by DMC Exotic Car Tuning, the “Ski Transporter” is somewhat of a contradiction. It’s an Italian sportscar that is at home in the snow covered mountain roads of the Alps. Olsson decided on building the car with DMC after hearing that the Aventador he ordered would take a bit longer than he originally expected. In the meantime, Olsson opted to transform a Gallardo into a smaller version of his ski box-mounted Murciélago LP 670-4 SV.


The basis for the conversion was a standard Gallardo. The German tuner installed a DMC Lamborghini GT3 front end that featured a large diffuser. The carbon fiber components helped to generate downforce at high speeds and keep the front axle planted to the road. For the rear of the camouflage Lamborghini, DMC Tuning utilized OEM parts such as a new bumper, diffuser, deck lid, and lighting with LED elements. A ski box, similar to the one found on Olsson’s LP 670-4 SV, was installed to complete the bodywork.

After the DMC Lamborghini conversion, the German tuner gave the Italian sports car a fresh coat of paint. However, this paint scheme was a bit different than what DMC has traditionally undertaken. Olsson had DMC paint the Gallardo in a black, grey, and white winter camouflage theme. A contrasting orange stripe was given to the ski box, calipers, and mirrors to make the Gallardo a bit less difficult to spot in the mountains.


Jon Olsson’s camouflage Lamborghini Gallardo by DMC Exotic Car Tuning is currently touring the world with the Swedish skier behind the wheel. Olsson also had DMC build a large SV rear spoiler (not pictured) similar to the one found on his Murciélago.

Be sure to check out Jon Olsson’s blog and follow him on his adventures around the world.

Source: DMC Exotic Car Tuning

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