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The Evanta Barchetta makes its Public Debut at Goodwood

Evanta Barchetta

A modern-day classic.

Classic British and Italian sports cars hold a special place in all the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. Their spectacular design and superb driving dynamics put them in a class all their own. The new Evanta Barchetta is reviving the curvaceous lines and design language of the sports cars that our dreams were made of, and injecting some modern technology to make an instant classic.

Evanta Barchetta

Evanta has been creating special vehicles for clients for years, and their craftsmanship and attention-to-detail set them apart from the competition. Their newest vehicle, the Barchetta, combines traditional British sports car design from the 1950s with their meticulous production methods and a touch of new technology to create a classic sports car that can keep up with the cars of today.

Right off the bat, the Evanta Barchetta instantly calls back to a time where British and Italian sports cars ruled the road. Its sweeping curves, low profile, and iconic shape pays homage to its ancestors of the 1950s and 60s. The simple yet luxurious cabin portrays the job that it was built to do – drive. Soft, quilted leather adorns almost every surface while a wood steering and straightforward gauges provide instant feedback to the driver.

Evanta Barchetta

Underneath the speedster’s lightweight composite bodywork lies a tubular frame accounting for a stiff chassis that feathers the scales. A 6.2-liter V-8 produces 450 bhp, giving the Evanta Barchetta incredible acceleration to match its nimble handling dynamics.

Evanta will produce both left- and right-hand drive Barchettas with automatic or manual transmissions. Only 24 vehicles will be built each year, each to customer specification in Britain. Evanta will only build a total of 99 vehicles, so you better get your name on the waiting list.

Evanta Barchetta at Goodwood Revival Gallery

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