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More Friday FAIL: BMW M3 in the Ditch

Friday FAIL BMW Ditch

If you try to race a motorcycle, you’re probably going to lose.

Motorcycles are quicker, faster, and more nimble than cars. Unless you’re behind the wheel of an Ariel Atom and going up against a Honda Gold Wing, you’re going to lose. The driver of this E46 BMW M3 thought that trying to keep up with a motorcycle would be a good test of their skills – on public roads no less.

The BMW driver tries to hang with the motorcycle for some time through the twisting and winding roads, but doesn’t anticipate hitting traffic (why would they on a public road). The driver tries to slow down when he sees an RV in the oncoming lane, but upon decelerating he loses traction and then overcorrects. The BMW slides right into the ditch where it rolls and comes to a stop with the passenger terrified.

Thankfully, neither the driver or passenger were hurt in the crash, but you can bet they won’t be racing any motorcycles in the future.


Source: Wom Pers

Would you ever attempt to keep up with a motorcycle on winding roads like this?


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