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Featured Fitment: Vorsteiner Gives the F82 BMW M4 their VSE-003 Forged Wheels

F82 BMW M4 Vorsteiner VSE-003

One of the first fitments on the F82.

The new F80 BMW M3 and F82 BMW M4 are bringing driver engagement and performance back to the streets and injecting some adrenaline into BMW’s M-brand. Both models are still new to the market and not much is out there to improve performance, looks, and style – yet. Vorsteiner is already in the lab, working on designing and developing new products for both M-models and to keep us satisfied, have given this Austin Yellow F82 BMW M4 a set of their Special Edition Forged VSE-003 forged wheels.

The first step with creating any upgrade program is the 3-D scanning of the entire vehicle by Vorsteiner. This generates a full polygon mesh and digitized rendering that allows designers and engineers to create a precise, OEM-quality fitment with new aerodynamic upgrades. During this process, the depth of the front and rear wheel wells were measured digitally and the clearances were determined to create the perfect fitment.

F82 BMW M4 Vorsteiner VSE-003

Before all of the new aerodynamics and other upgrades were developed and installed, Vorsteiner gave the F82 BMW M4 a set of their Special Edition Forged VSE-003 wheels. The new monoblock forged wheels were installed in a wide 10.0 x 20 front and 11.0 x 20 rear setup with 275/30/20 and 295/30/20 Michelin Pilot Super Sports tires for even better grip on the track. To add a bit of contrast to the Austin Yellow paint covering the F82 BMW M4, the Vorsteiner Special Edition VSE-003 wheels were given a textured gunmetal finish.

While this isn’t the final build for the BMW M4 from Vorsteiner, this new VSE-003 fitment hints at the exciting things to come for the German high-performance coupe.

Fitment Specifications

Wheels: Vorsteiner Special Edition Forged VSE-003 monoblock
Wheel Finish: Textured Gunmetal
Front Wheels: 10.0 x 20
Rear Wheels: 11.0 x 20
Tires: Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Front Tires: 275/30/20
Rear Tires: 295/30/20

F82 BMW M4 w/ Vorsteiner VSE-003 Forged Wheels Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

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