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We finally have the First Crashed Bugatti Chiron

First Bugatti Chiron Crash

It didn’t take long.

It may seem like the Bugatti Chiron has been out for quite a while, but the ultra-exclusive hyper car has only just started to hit the streets at the hands of owners. This driver in Wolfsburg, Germany, has the proud distinction of being the first to crash the $2.5 million vehicle.

Thankfully, the driver wasn’t injured after the hyper car was put into a ditch. A spokesperson from Bugatti told BILD: “The driver was unfortunately a little inattentive, which is why the car landed in the road ditch. Fortunately nobody was hurt.”

Now, there’s no word on whether or not this was a factory test car or a privately-owned Bugatti Chiron. The only vehicle that could be quickly mustered to tow the Chiron away was a piece of construction equipment instead of a proper tow truck.

Either way, this masterpiece of automotive engineering is going to be very, very costly to fix.

Source: TheDrive, Bild

How mad would you be if you crashed your new Bugatti Chiron into a ditch?


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