The new McLaren 570S Track Pack Strikes the Perfect Balance

McLaren 570S Track Pack

A track car with everyday road-going abilities.

The McLaren Sport Series cars might not be the hardcore performance monsters as the Super or Ultimate Series cars, but they give drivers an all-around, everyday super car. With McLaren’s success on the track and dedication to performance, they decided to give the 570S a motorsport touch for those that want to track their car then drive it home.

McLaren 570S Track Pack

The new McLaren 570S Track Pack is built for both the road and the race track. It delivers even more engagement and performance without sacrificing the everyday drivability of the super car. If you want an exotic that you can drive to work and have an occasional track day, then the McLaren 570S Track Pack is your car.

The exterior of the McLaren 570S Track Pack is more distinguishable from your standard Sport Series model. An exclusive 12 mm higher rear wing helps to generate an additional 64 lbs. of downforce at 150 mph than the standard 570S models. A stealth-finish Sports exhaust system lets the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter roar while a McLaren Special Operations Dark Palladium roof finish adds to the sinister look. Even the new stealth-finished super-lightweight alloy wheels improve the overall athleticism of the McLaren 570S Track Pack on the circuit with their drop in rotating mass.

McLaren 570S Track Pack

The motorsport-inspired, weight-saving measures continue in the interior. The entire cabin of the McLaren 570S Track Pack sports an Alcantara upholstery instead of the standard leather. New carbon fiber racing seats cut weight even further and help makes the McLaren 570S Track Pack 55 lbs. lighter than the standard model. These weight-saving modifications allow the super car to reach 124 mph from rest in 9.4 seconds and hit a 204 mph top speed.

McLaren 570S Track Pack

As part of the option package, the McLaren Track Telemetry system is included as standard. The system is featured in the McLaren 675LT and P1 models, and displays real-time racing information along with post-drive analysis and data-logging with graphical plots and lap time deltas.

The new McLaren 570S Track Pack is currently available as an option for customers for £16,500, with deliveries starting in early 2017.

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Source: McLaren

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