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Friday FAIL: Watch a 350Z Get Walked by Zee German Towing a Lawn Mower

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Have you ever come across that guy that always has to try and smack-talk you and everyone else about how his slightly modified car can blow the doors off of anything? It’s always so satisfying to put those guys in their place and this Mercedes-Benz E 55 AMG owner did just that to one Nissan 350Z driver.

According to the post on, the Nissan 350Z driver had been getting on the Mercedes-Benz E 55 AMG owner’s case about how their car was faster. So, the AMG driver loaded up his John Deere riding mower and trailer and just embarrassed the 350Z in a drag race.

We do not condone street racing at all, but this is so funny that we couldn’t pass it up.

Lesson: Don’t try to drag race AMGs or you’ll end up on Friday FAIL.



How embarrassed would you be if you were the 350Z driver in this Friday FAIL?


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