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Friday FAIL: Reason No. 821,382 Why Road Rage is Never a Good Idea!

Friday FAIL Flip Ford Escape

Look at these idiots.

Seriously, look at these idiots. If you needed yet another reason why road rage is never, ever a good idea, then these two dumbasses behind the wheel should be enough to deter you – at least we hope.

You could skip right to the video for the play-by-play of the incident, but we’ll give you a bit of what happened anyways. Apparently, the BMW driver (stereotypes, I know), and Ford Escape driver were going at it on the road from behind the wheel, swerving in and out of the lanes during the traffic congestion. When the two came to a stop, the BMW driver stepped out of his car and walked over to the Ford Escape, yelling and arguing.

Friday FAIL Flip Ford Escape

When the Ford Escape driver put down his window to make his point even more clear, the BMW driver spit on him. That’s when all hell broke loose. The Ford driver then hit the BMW. The only problem was that with the wheel turned, it got traction on the BMW’s body panel and lifted the SUV into the air, causing it to roll onto its side.

Here’s a recap from the video uploader in Oceanside, CA:
“First I was recording just because he was swerving into the left lane. But as you can see it did take a crazy turn. I cannot believe I witnessed such a crazy accident. Just because he was mad he wasn’t able to cut someone off. After the incident, the convertible man took off about 15-20 feet, then parked, and decided to walk back. I was so scared and nervous, I drove off as safely as I could.”

Just don’t be stupid, angry idiots out there, guys. Come on. Also, grab yourself a dashcam while you’re at it. Just to protect yourself and in case stuff like this happens in front of you. That way, you don’t have to whip out your cell phone!

Source: ViralHog

How stupid were these two drivers that had road rage?


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