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Friday FAIL: The Grandmother Drift Prank

Yes, Grandma’s scooter is RWD too.

When you see a car drifting in circles, surrounded by a cloud of smoke from screeching tires, who is the last person you’d expect to see behind the wheel? Right, your Grandmother. That’s exactly the idea behind this prank in Europe a couple of friends pulled on one BMW owner.

This may not be your traditional Friday FAIL, but it’s a funny prank and we’re bringing it to you anyways.

A group of friends are hanging around outside, wearing track jackets and Mr. T t-shirts, and sitting on their cars. All of a sudden, one driver notices his E46 BMW (an Alpina model with 343 PS according to the video description) is racing around the parking lot and starts spinning in circles. Just as anybody would, the owner runs towards the car, furious at what he is witnessing.

The driver finally starts to slow down to a stop and the owner runs towards the car, grabbing the door handle, ready to pummel whomever is sitting behind the wheel. That is, until he sees it’s someone’s Grandmother behind the wheel, getting out. His anger instantly turns into confusion and his face is priceless. What’s just about as funny is the fact that she was able to get behind the wheel and take that BMW drifting.

Nice job, Grandma!

[Source: BMW Freak YouTube Channel]

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