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Friday FAIL: You’re Drifting Your BMW E30 Wrong!

The absolute wrong way to drift in an empty parking lot.

Drifting is fun, we get it. It’s best performed in an open, safe, and controlled environment to keep injury and accidents to a minimum. But, we also understand that there’s not always one available to the average automotive enthusiast, so an empty parking lot is usually your best bet. But, you have to be smart either way, and this BMW E30 driver apparently left all of his common sense at home.

One night in Cincinnati, a bunch of friends gathered to videotape one of their own as he tried to drift in an empty parking lot at night. Notice, the parking lot is lit, meaning that there are a number of evenly-spaced light poles with concrete bases positioned throughout the empty lot.

FF BMW E30 Crash

While speeding down one lane, trying to lose traction at the rear wheels, he turns around to have another go at drifting. Well, the rear wheels lose a little bit of traction and the car oversteers just a bit as it is heading right towards a light pole. Unfortunately, the E30 drives right into the pole, resulting in a big thud and a totaled car.

Now, we’re not throwing this guy a big FAIL because of the fact that he was drifting in an empty parking lot at night. He was at least smart enough to do it in an area devoid of people and cars. BUT, if you’re going to try and drift, make sure that you don’t drive into the light pole that is clearly sitting in the middle of the lot! For that, we give you the Friday FAIL designation, Sir. Sorry about the lost car too. Just pay for that light pole damage, please.

FF BMW E30 Crash

[Source: Bennett Holland YouTube Channel, TheCarLounge]

On a scale of 1-10, how big of a FAIL is this BMW crash? Leave a comment and let us know!


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