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Friday FAIL: Yup, LA Drivers ARE That Bad


What is this red light shining at me?

We’ve all heard that parts of the U.S. are terrible when it comes to driving. One of the most notorious is Los Angeles. Here, there is a perfect mix of absent-minded morons, self-centered rich people, old-fashioned idiots, and just an overwhelming mass of cars that makes driving downright awful.

Now we have some video evidence to back up all of those legendary stories of brainless drivers. While stopped at a stoplight with a dashcam rolling (no, this isn’t Los Angeles, Russia), one driver captured a few cars just blatantly run a red light and prove that idiot drivers rule LA.

It starts out like normal traffic at a red light. Then one person decides to just go (or maybe they just forgot what red meant), and then others just followed. The first went and then two…three…four…and FIVE. Four cars just followed the lead car as a THREE red lights lit up the entire wet intersection with their reflection. Road signs and lights don’t matter anymore; we just need to follow the leader.

Stupid is as stupid does in LA, apparently.

Source: DangerousPower YouTube Channel

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