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More fun with Chevy’s ‘Real People, Not Actors’ Advertisements

Real People, Not Actors Parody

Just saying what we’re all thinking.

If you’re anything like us, those ‘Real People, Not Actors’ ads that Chevrolet loves to put all over television are irritating. These “real people” have to be some of the most uneducated car buyers around to say some of the things aired in these commercials.

Real People, Not Actors Parody

Thankfully, our friend, “Mahk”, interjected with his Boston accent in the Chevy Malibu advertisement where all the badging had been stripped away.

Seriously though, do the “real” people in this commercial believe that the Malibu looks like an Audi or BMW and costs over $50,000?!

Mahk just says what we’ve all been thinking every time one of these commercials come on.

Source: Zebra Corner YouTube

Would you be saying the same thing as “Mahk” during these Chevrolet ‘Real People, Not Actors’ commercials?


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