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G-Power Gives the BMW M3 Some Sharp Carbon Fiber Aero

G-Power RS BMW M3 Aerodynamics

Slicing through air and dropping some weight.

In the automotive world, weight and aerodynamics are two key factors in determining the performance of a car. Sure, a big engine producing an incredible amount of power is going to usually go pretty fast, but if it’s wrapped in a heavy body that’s shaped like a brick, you might as well throw a trailer on the back of it and tow something.

G-Power has quite the background when it comes to racing. They’ve been putting cars out on the track since the 1980s and are among the toughest competitors in Spezial-Tourenwagen-Trophy (STT) and the DMV Touring Car Championship (DMV TCC), today. This knowledge and experienced gained in motorsports is now being transferred to the road with the new BMW RS aerodynamic package for the M3.

The new G-Power aerodynamic package “RS” for the BMW M3 is made entirely from carbon fiber to reduce weight and was designed using advanced CAD programs to ensure maximum quality and an OEM precision fitment. Each carbon fiber piece is baked in a gas-proof autoclave which results in a superb integrity and surface finish. The package is comprised of a front spoiler, boot lid with tear-off edge, a three-piece rear spoiler wing, and a Ventrui hood. Weight is noticeably reduced with the new carbon fiber hood and boot lid by 5.7 lbs (2.6 kg) and 17.9 lbs. (8.1 kg), respectively.

The new RS package for the BMW M3 is more than just a lightweight styling upgrade. Each component has been carefully designed to generate downforce and/or cool key components of the sports car. The front spoiler helps to generate downforce up front while the three-piece, four-way-adjustable spoiler wing and boot lid help to optimize downforce at the rear axle to provide better braking and handling dynamics. The new G-Power carbon fiber Venturi hood with “Dynamic Venting” technology helps to remove hot air from the engine bay in the most efficient way possible to reduce any performance losses that may come from any thermal stresses.

G-Power RS BMW M3 Aerodynamics

As part of the G-Power RS aerodynamic upgrade for the BMW M3, customers can also improve engine performance with the range of supercharger systems from the German company. Things start off with the SK I “Sporty Drive” TU with 520 hp and increase in performance with the 580 horsepower SK II “Sporty Drive” TU, the 610 horsepower SK II CS “Sporty Drive” TU, and the most powerful SK III “Sporty Drive” with 720 horsepower. As an option, customers can also choose to have the rear spoiler from the BMW M3 GTS installed in place of the G-Power rear spoiler.

The entire range of aerodynamic upgrades for the BMW M3 is currently available from G-Power as well as the superchargers. The G-POWER “RS” front spoiler is priced at 1,800 Euros, the G-POWER “VENTURI” bonnet is 3,600 Euros, the G-Power “RS” boot lid is priced at 3,300 Euros, and the G-POWER “RS” three-piece rear wing is 1,850 Euros.

G-Power RS BMW M3 Aerodynamics Specifications

-Carbon fiber front spoiler
-Carbon fiber “Venturi” hood
-Carbon fiber rear boot lid with tear-off edge
-Carbon fiber three-piece, four-way adjustable spoiler

G-Power RS BMW M3 Aerodynamics Gallery

[Source: G-Power]

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