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German Special Customs previews their Porsche Macan Makeover

German Special Customs Porsche Macan preview

Big, bold, and brash bodywork.

The new Macan is Porsche’s way of staying current with the trends in the automotive industry, where consumers crave smaller SUVs and CUVs. Just like the entire Porsche lineup, the Macan offers up more sport than most of its competition along with quite a bit of power to go along with it. German Special Customs wants to take that to a whole new level with their upcoming styling package for Porsche’s baby SUV.

The upcoming German Special Customs Porsche Macan upgrade program focuses on giving the SUV a more dynamic and powerful look with a full widebody kit, some beefy wheels, and downforce-inducing spoilers.

Up front, the German Special Customs Porsche Macan will feature a more prominent front fascia with horizontal slats running in both the upper and lower air intakes, while a spoiler sits at the bottom to aid in the generation of downforce. Above the bumper sits a new hood with bigger power dome hiunting at the added muscle beneath the hood.

German Special Customs Porsche Macan preview

The Macan’s widebody kit will feature extended front and rear fenders that are connected by new side skirts and door fixtures. These components prevent the “wasp waist” that occurs with widened fenders when the middle area is noticeably thinner than the extended wheel arches. The extended rear fenders flow into a new rear bumper and its air outlets, large integrated diffuser, and trapezoidal dual exhaust outlets. A large spoiler sits atop the roof with an integrated brake light to generate downforce.

As part of the upgrade package, German Special Customs will offer a number of wheel and tire combinations that measure up to 22 inches in diameter. You can also expect that the entire range of gasoline and diesel engines to benefit from new upgrades as well from German Special Customs when the full package is officially introduced.

German Special Customs Porsche Macan Gallery

Source: German Special Customs

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