Watch this Audi RS 7 Destroy Everything on the Drag Strip

Worlds Fastest RS 7

“Fastest RS 7 in the World”

We all knew the Audi RS 7 was fast, but this is seriously fast. Right from the factory the Audi RS 7 is packed with all the necessary munitions to break into supercar territory in terms of acceleration, speed, and braking. A 4.0 TFSI twin-turbocharged V-8 shooting out 560 horsepower and 519 lb-ft. of torque paired up with Quattro all-wheel drive to claw at the pavement is a recipe for straight-line success.

Then APR got involved.

The Alabama-based performance tuners had to go out and create the “Fastest RS 7 in the World” and show everybody who’s boss, literally. The 750 horsepower, APR-tuned Audi RS 7 ran up against an 820 horsepower BMW M3 Filin Edition, an 840 horsepower Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG by Gorilla Racing, and a 620 horsepower 997 Porsche 911 Turbo with 620 horsepower with a Cobb Stage 2 upgrade and beat them all handily.

So if there was a doubt if this is the fastest Audi RS 7 in the world, it has likely been left in the dust of this 750 horsepower monster.


Source: DragTimesInfo

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