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German Special Customs goes Sci-Fi with their new “iTron” BMW i8

German Special Customs BMW i8 iTron

New styling for BMW’s super-hybrid.

BMW’s new i8 may not be the quickest, fastest, or most powerful when compared to other sports cars in its price range, but the technology packed beneath its sheetmetal is nothing less than impressive. A turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-three cylinder engine and a hybrid synchronous motor allows for up to an EPA-rated 76 MPG. German Special Customs, however, thought that it needed more aggressive styling to match its advanced technology and sporty nature, so they designed the new iTron styling kit.

Although German Special Customs doesn’t provide their inspiration for the new BMW i8 iTron, it’s pretty clear that the styling was influenced by the 1982 sci-fi film. Right from the factory, the BMW i8 looks like a futuristic vehicle and the technology under the hood only adds to its visionary anatomy.

German Special Customs sought to add more aggressiveness and muscle through new visual upgrades and started the transformation up front. The fascia features a distinctively-shaped spoiler bumper boasting large cooling air inlets with integrated LED daytime running lights. A large spoiler sword with raised wing flanks adds more downforce and personality while two air outlets sit atop the hood and hint at the i8 iTron’s power.

German Special Customs BMW i8 iTron

At the rear, a new apron complements the factory LED taillight design and contours while making room for the new trapezoidal tailpipes. The tailpipes are slanted and shaped to align with the factory styling of the rear fascia and the design language of the i8 for a sporty, OEM look.

German Special Customs also has plans for the i8’s narrow factory wheel setup as well on the iTron. The thin 7.0 x 20 front and 7.5 x 20 rear wheels are set of be replaced with fatter wheels and low-profile, high-performance tires to improve grip and confidence with the hybrid sports car. Connecting these wheels will be new side skirts that visually lower the BMW i8 iTron.

The new German Special Customs BMW i8 iTron is still in the design and development stage, so we are not likely to see the final product on the streets for some time. Pricing and availability have not been announced.

German Special Customs BMW i8 iTron Gallery

Source: German Special Customs

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