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Get Ready to Experience some ‘Top 10’ Homologated Racing Fun!

Top 10 Homologated Cars

Ten of the coolest and most memorable road cars built for the purpose of racing.

In many racing series, cars must meet homologation requirements in order to be able to compete. This is usually determined by the sanctioning body of the racing series and forces manufactures to create anywhere from one to hundreds of road-legal versions of their race cars.

Top 10 Homologated Cars

Some of the biggest racing series enforced this rule and it resulted in some utterly incredible and iconic road-going vehicles as well as race cars. Many of the production versions have been scooped up by collectors and have a tremendous value today.

There are too many homologated specials to count, so the team at Donut Media decided to make themselves a ‘Top 10’ list starring some of the coolest and most iconic. There’s cars like the Lancia Stratos, Audi Quattro Sport S1, BMW M1, Dodge Daytona, and others that tore it up on the track and in sales.

While many of the production versions are owned by wealthy collectors, the average driver has benefitted from the technological innovations forced by the governing bodies of racing that debuted on these homologated specials and eventually bled down throughout the model line.

Long live the homologated cars!

Source: Donut Media

What are some of your favorite homologated cars?


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