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Be Thankful for Jeff Zwart and His Porsche 356!

Jeff Zwart Porsche 356

Pure driving enjoyment.

Watching two iconic things perform in harmony is a beautiful thing. Seeing legendary racer, Jeff Zwart, take the wheel of his iconic Porsche 356 through dusty dirt roads is just perfect.

The 356 is one of the most iconic sports cars that Porsche has ever produced and laid the groundwork for their future. The rear-engined, rear-wheel drive luxury sports car was based on the principle that keeping weight low and power high would create a better, more enjoyable driving experience. During its 17-year production, it won races and put the automaker on the map.

Jeff Zwart Porsche 356

It was right around the early portion of the Porsche 356’s production that Jeff Zwart was born. The Long Beach, CA native learned how to drive on his father’s 1964 Porsche 901, chassis No. 35 – the car that was quickly renamed the 911 in 1964 after a dispute with Peugeot. His passion for automobiles began at a young age and led him to become a racing driver in the mid-1980s. From there, he started driving in rally racing, leading him to become a storied, Championship-winning Pikes Peak International Hillclimb driver. Throughout his career, he has driven for Porsche, BMW, Cadillac, General Motors, Hyundai, Ford, and many others while also becoming a commercial film director, photographer, and author.

The two offer a certain driving purity, which makes them the perfect match on some backcountry, winding dirt roads.

Thankfully, Will Roegge was able to capture them on camera doing what they do best.

Directed and edited by Will Roegge
Camera Operation by Brandon Kado, Alex Tabazcka, and Will Roegge

Source: Will Roegge

Would you like to ride alongside Jeff Zwart in his Porsche 356?


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