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Get ready for the Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S!

Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S

Time to fly!

The McLaren 720S was already one of the top dogs in the exotic car market and now it’s getting even more obscene in terms of performance and style thanks to the team at Novitec. Their newest creation, the Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S packs a commanding punch and can melt your face off with acceleration. Plus, it’s only limited to 15 units.

Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S

The new Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S is an exclusive machine that was designed by Vittorio Strosek. The entire widebody and aerodynamic package is made from lightweight carbon fiber and fits right to the super car’s original mounting points for a seamless fit. Each piece was honed in a wind tunnel for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and downforce.

A total of six centimeters has been added to the width front and thirteen centimeters at the rear, giving the Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S an intimidating and powerful look. The front fascia cuts down on aerodynamic drag with its blade, and meshes seamlessly into the wider front fenders. The hourglass shape formed by the fender extensions is connected by a new set of rocker panels where naked carbon fiber side mirrors sit above. A new rear aerofoil attachment is able to extend and retract like the factory spoiler system, and pairs with a rear bumper add-on component. Novitec has also added a new N-Largo trunklid and air scoop to help keep the things cool.

Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S

Beneath the flared fenders sits a pair of staggered MC2 forged alloy wheels. Developed alongside Vossen, these lightweight forged wheels offer a high-strength, low-weight solution that’s perfect for the high-powered Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S. The concave, seven-spoke MC2 wheels measure 20 x 9.0J up front and 21 x 12.0J at the rear, and are shod in 255/30 ZR20 front and 325/25 ZR21 Pirelli P Zero tires. Customers can also opt to lower their ride height by 35 mm through the use of sport springs.

Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S

Sitting behind the driver and passenger is a modified 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. Novitec developed three different tuning programs for the engine of the McLaren 720S, the most powerful of which is the ‘Stage 2’ that comes packed with a plug-and-play Novitec N-Tronic auxiliary control unit and Novitec Race high-performance exhaust with 95 mm tailpipes. Customers can also opt for a lighter INCONEL exhaust or a stainless steel unit with/without flaps.

Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S

In total, the engine of the Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S generates 806 horsepower at 6,700 RPM and 648 lb-ft. of torque at 6,300 RPM. That allows the exotic to reach 62 mph from rest in just 2.7 seconds and 124 mph in only 7.5 seconds. Top speed is pushed all the way back to 215 mph.

Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S

Of course, Novitec will also custom tailor the interior to any specification with the use of fine materials, trim pieces, and an array of colors.

The new Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S will be limited to just 15 units.

Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S Specifications

Displacement: 4.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 806 / 592 kW at 6,700 RPM
Maximum Torque: 647.5 lb-ft. / 878 Nm at 6,300 RPM

Acceleration 0-62 MPH: 2.7 seconds
Acceleration 0-124 MPH: 7.5 seconds
Top Speed: 214.9 MPH / 346 KM/H

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: MC2 forged alloy developed with Vossen
Front Wheels: 20 x 9.0J
Rear Wheels: 21 x 12.0K
Tires: Pirelli P Zero
Front Tires: 255/30 ZR20
Rear Tires: 325/25 ZR21
Suspension: Sport springs, 35 mm lower

-Extended front and rear fenders
-Aerodynamically-optimized front bumper
-Rear aerofoil and spoiler
-Roof air intake
-Carbon fiber side mirrors
-Side skirts
-Trunk cover
-Rear bumper inserts

Novitec N-Largo Widebody McLaren 720S Gallery

Source: Novitec

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