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Go Fire Orange with this BMW M5 by Carbonfiber Dynamics

Carbonfiber Dynamics Fire Orange BWM M5 by 3DDesign

Giving the German the 3DDesign from Japan.

It’s not often that you see aftermarket companies from Japan working their magic on German sports cars, but when you do, good things happen. Just take this F10 BMW M5 wearing a tailored 3DDesign suit and upgraded by Carbonfiber Dynamics. The once understated sports sedan has quickly become an intimidating super sports sedan after a few quick and simple upgrades along with carbon fiber aero.

Carbonfiber Dynamics Fire Orange BWM M5 by 3DDesign

While the Fire Orange exterior of the BMW M5 already grabs attention, the full carbon fiber aero kit from 3DDesign gives it an even more imposing and athletic presence. The Japanese carbon fiber company specializes in BMW models, making them the perfect choice for a seamless aero kit.

Carbonfiber Dynamics Fire Orange BWM M5 by 3DDesign

The front fascia features a new lip that is styled to match the larger air intakes of the M5 while reducing lift. The lip seamlessly flows into the new side skirts that subtly lower the visual height of the sedan while cleaning airflow as it runs towards the rear. Here, a new diffuser accommodates the quad tailpipes while a spoiler lip sits atop the trunk to generate downforce. Matching the carbon fiber finish are new 21-inch Vossen wheels sitting flush beneath the fenders.

Carbonfiber Dynamics Fire Orange BWM M5 by 3DDesign

While the new 3DDesign looks are more than enough to give the BMW M3 some added testosterone, Carbonfiber Dynamics opted to crank up the power to the twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 engine. Here, a new exhaust system with higher-flowing downpipes and upgraded turbochargers pumps up output to a whopping 818 horsepower. This allows the German super sports sedan to reach 124 mph in just 10-seconds from rest, with the sprint from 62 to 124 mph taking just 6.6 seconds to complete.

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This Fire Orange BMW M5 by Carbonfiber Dynamics shows just how great a German-Japanese collaboration can be with sports cars.

Carbonfiber Dynamics BMW M5 Specifications

Displacement: 4.4 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 818 / 830 PS / 610 kW

Acceleration 0-124 mph: 10.0 seconds
Acceleration 62-124 mph: 6.6 seconds

-Fire Orange color change
-3DDesign carbon fiber front spoiler lip
-3DDesign carbon fiber side skirts
-3DDesign carbon fiber rear spoiler
-3DDesign carbon fiber side skirts
-Vossen wheels

Carbonfiber Dynamics BMW M5 Gallery

Source: Carbonfiber Dynamics

Think you could handle the 818-HP Carbonfiber Dynamics BMW M5 with 3DDesign carbon fiber aero?


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