Go for a Loud Ride in a BMW M1 Procar at Imola

BMW M1 Procar Imola

Classic racing awesomeness!

The BMW M1 was the only mid-engined car that BMW ever made and it was not only a success on the road, but on the track as well. Racing versions like the BMW M1 Procar ran in the Group 4 classification in the World Championship for Makes as a support series for Formula One at the time. Its cars later were put into other forms of racing and they made their presence felt.

BMW M1 Procar Imola

The mid-engined, classic racer was brought to Imola and thankfully, Marchettino was able to get some cameras inside the cockpit for some great first-hand footage of what it’s like to be behind the wheel.

In the beginning, the car locks up its brakes and slides off the track, but thankfully it was not damaged. The rest is just ear-pounding awesomeness on the track.

Source: Marchettino

Would you like to drive the BMW M1 Procar at Imola?


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